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Chemicals. Chemicals. And More Chemicals. A Veteran Reflects on Her Time in Desert Storm

30 Years On, Veterans Recall the Desert Storm Air War

“We’re Better Than This”—Jon Stewart, Veterans Advocates Rally for Bipartisan Burn Pit Legislation

“It’s so inaccurate”—How the VA Is Failing to Track Veterans Burn Pit Claims

Your Kidneys are Failing and Your Doctor Just Deployed. Now What?

Why Isn't Infertility in Military Women a Bigger Conversation?

The Military's Next Agent Orange

The New York Times' At War

What it Was Like to Be One of the First Female Fighter Pilots

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Burn pits:

(Note: When Gannett sold Military Times, the paper lost its digital archive. Therefore, some clips are pulled from other sources.)

Burn pit at Balad raises health concerns — Troops say chemicals and medical waste burned at base are making them sick, but officials deny risk (Originally published in Military Times Oct. 29, 2008. Army Times was the first to report this story.)

Lung disease of soldier linked to burn pits (Originally published in Military Times)

Army wants to hide soldiers with constrictive bronchiolitis--Military Times

Balad burn pit harmed troops living 1 mile away--Military Times

Lawmakers to hold news briefing on burn pits--Military Times

Vets may sign up for registry after dust, smoke exposure--USA TODAY

Vets struggle to register on VA burn-pit site--USA TODAY

Interview on All Things Considered with Guy Roz

War-Zone Dust:

Navy researcher links toxins in war-zone dust to ailments--USA TODAY

New research links Iraq dust to ill soldiers--USA TODAY

Blood Brothers:

A loss in Charlie Company: IED claims 5 on patrol from FOB Apache

To Adhamiya and back: 15 months of combat hell forever change members of Charlie 1-26

I've Seen Enough, I've Done Enough: For many in Charlie 1-26, the worst was still to come

Not Us. We're Not Going: Soldiers in 2nd Platoon, Charlie Company stage a 'mutiny' that pulls the unit apart

Picking up the Pieces: Charlie 1-26 comes home from war

Patching bodies; patching minds: Line medics heal with quiet words and superhuman deeds

Post-Traumatic Stress:

Living with PTSD: A former sergeant's personal hell

Living with PTSD: Part two

(These PTSD stories were part of a long series I worked on during a Rosalyn Carter Fellowship for Mental Health Journalism in 2008.)

Walter Reed:

The waiting wounded: A slow medical evaluation process leaves many injured troops in limbo. Some settle for low disability ratings and long waits for VA health care  (This story appeared online one day before other newspapers began reporting there were problems at Walter Reed, and one week before other papers reported the systemic problems with years-long backlogs, lost paperwork, and hopelessness in the disability rating system.)

Rank injustice: How wounded soldiers are short-changed on disability ratings

Turmoil at the top: Walter Reed scandal claims Army secretary, leaves force reeling in time of abrupt change

Gulf War Illness:

Lawmakers ask VA to support Gulf War board

Researchers tie Gulf War illness to brain damage

Researcher says officials covered up vets' health data

Study links Gulf War vets' illnesses to area of service

Anti-oxidants ease Gulf War Syndrome, study finds

Beat work:

The Daily Beast

Vets Can Finally Sue Contractors for Cancer Caused by War after the Supreme Court found that KBR could be sued over the burn pits it operated on bases in Iraq and Afghanistan.

USA Today

Programs focus on high-risk patients to reduce spending

Administration offers path around Hobby Lobby decision

Lawmakers ask VA to support Gulf War board

U.S. airstrikes bring early gains in Iraq

CDC chief says Ebola must be contained in Africa

Advocates list 7 things to fix at Veterans Affairs

Probe faults oversight of development

Voices: The heartbreak of veterans' suicides

Investigator: VA downplayed whistle-blowers' warnings

Premiums grew average of 10% before Affordable Care Act

New research links Iraq dust to ill soldiers

Cheaper eye drug could save Medicare $18 billion

Long appeals leave older vets without benefits for years

Bundled payments could cut Medicare fraud, experts say

No Medicaid expansion could create health care gaps

Some top Medicare beneficiaries spend heavily to lobby

Obama on health care law: 'This thing is working'

New data signal smaller jump in health care costs

Study: Mental health care lacking in some counties

Experts say Affordable Care Act unlikely to 'fail'

Repealing health care law would mean higher costs

Health care changes to watch for in 2014

Technology, prevention will move health care costs down

Analysis of huge data sets will reshape health care

Medicaid enrollment is health law's bright spot

Health care providers, insurers pitch state exchanges

'Family glitch' in health law could be painful

Health law smoking penalties could hit poor the hardest

Obama administration to delay part of Affordable Care Act

Researchers tie Gulf War illness to brain damage

Researcher says officials covered up vets' health data

Few pay more taxes under health care law

Whistle-blowers key in health care fraud fight

Government triples money recovered from Medicaid scams

Almost 1 million young adults get health insurance

Study links Gulf War vets' illnesses to area of service

Health care fraud prosecutions on pace to rise 85%

Anti-oxidants ease Gulf War Syndrome, study finds

Military: Troop ailments, from backs to breathing, swell

Healthful behavior is a key to health care system

Federal plan would streamline Medicare

Health care law proceeds even in states fighting it

$2.5 billion won in health care fraud cases

House Democrats, GOP debate health care costs

Army Times

Filling military history's gaps: Hunt chronicles the careers of 'Sergeants major of color'

Burn Pit at Balad
Troops say chemicals burned on deployment are making them sick.
Online version here


Senator wants answers on dangers of burn pits

Burn pit fallout: Military official: Situation improving; troops report health complications

Army report shows chemicals at burn pit site

Troops air complaints about burn pits

Suit claims Halliburton, KBR sickened base

Petraeus: Military studying burn pit fumes

Report cites low health risk from burn pits

Lawmakers call for action on burn pits

Planned burn pit lawsuits gain steam

VA to monitor burn-pit exposure data

Lawmakers seek details of burn pit data

Nine burn-pit lawsuits filed against KBR

Bill would regulate war-zone burn pits

Lawmakers ask GAO to review burn pit data

Lawmakers to hold news briefing on burn pits

Lawmakers seek 12-month limit on burn pits

House moves to tighten rules on burn pits

Lung disease of soldier linked to burn pits

Army report warned of burn pit effects

Balad burn pit harmed troops living 1 mile away

VA, DoD seek better data on burn-pit exposure

PTSD Series
Main project page: here

PTSD victim booted for 'misconduct'

Mental health evacuations spike in war zones

Thousands of PTSD vets may get benefits boost


Study links weak immune systems, PTSD

Navy attempted suicide rate nearly 3 percent

Hard Labor
Some troops hand out towels while others dig trenches
Online version here

A Beloved First Sergeant's Suicide in Iraq: Jeff McKinney
Online version here

Blood Brothers
Online version here

Wounded Soldiers/Walter Reed
Online version here

War's 'signature wound': Traumatic brain injuries common, but hard to spot
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An Airstream on the roof?

GIs return to fight new war to get jobs

Forest-preserve raccoons seeking food, water in city

Closure, WW II sub found under the sea
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Deadly shooting shakes area with waning crime

Bicyclists not free to ride as they please
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Mother held in two sons' slayings
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Triple slaying caps city's bloodiest weekend of the year
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Drought may give taste of future
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Who needs the power company?
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Malaria by the Numbers

Stirring up Life

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Influx of new voters leans Precinct 463 to the left

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Good Green Life: Affordability the selling point for energy-efficient homes

Selling with the Band: For hard-core rock fans, starting a business offers a way to follow the tours

Taste of the pasture: Beef raised on grass leaner, with pronounced flavor

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CU Faculty calls for overhaul of athletics

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Grasshoppers devour what drought didn't

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Friends No More: Sometimes friends aren't worth the time

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McMinnville UFO Photos: 50 Years Later - Still A Mystery

Summary: Couples like Beverly and Harry Schatz of King City could lose the option of finishing their lives

Summary: Writer, university student and mother Beth Tilgner sends other young women a strong message
of hope


Summary: Meningococcal disease has caused three deaths in Oregon recently, and parents are worried

Summary: Tigard's American Legion is lively, but other military veterans groups are struggling

Summary: Boys Night Out follows last year's successful overnight for girls, but with different activities and

Educators address the ultimate multiple-choice question: SAT or ACT?

The Salt Lake Tribune

Victims of trauma give helpful hints for family members and friends

Gangs Keep Tight Grasp on Their Members

Triad Suspect Was Transformed By Schizophrenia

Woman roamed Triad with gun for 10 minutes, but security didn't notify businesses or lock elevator

Gang Crime Is on Decline in Salt Lake: Other cities in West see similar drop

Busts are as risky as bullets in vast Utah crime epidemic; Meth Mania Creates New Risks for Police

St. George Hopes to Solve Puzzle Posed by Boy's Skeleton, Quilt; Who was turn-of-the-century youth holed
up in Dixie 

Healthy High: Are you a high school athlete? Find out why you and your teammates rule the school

Kick Me, I'm Dreaming : From high school to college, female soccer jocks have a new goal to shoot for --
going pro

The Colorado Springs Gazette

More Vets Are Trying Acupuncture For Pets