This national best-seller tells the story of Charlie Company, 1/26th Infantry's 15-month tour in Adhamiya, Iraq in 2007.

As an embedded reporter, Kennedy patrolled with the soldiers and spent hours in combat support hospitals. She was with Charlie Rock when they lost five soldiers and one interpreter when their Bradley rolled over a deep-buried bomb. During their tour, one soldier threw himself on a grenade to save his friends--earning a Medal of Honor; a well-liked first sergeant killed himself in front of his troops; and a platoon was accused of mutiny. The men of Charlie 1-26 would earn at least 95 combat awards, and lose 14 lives. Their battalion lost 31 men. Ultimately, they would earn a Presidential Unit Citation for their bravery. Their story is seen as a primer for good leadership in horrifying conditions, as well as a tale of unit-level love and bravery--warts and all.

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Fight Like a Girl_cover

Fight Like a Girl: The Truth Behind How Female Marines are Trained

Author: Kate Germano  Writer: Kelly Kennedy

A Marine Corps combat veteran with 20 years of service describes her professional battle against gender bias in the Marines and the lessons it holds for other arenas.

One year after Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Kate Germano arrived at Parris Island and took command of the Fourth Recruit Training Battalion, shooting qualifications of the women under her command equaled those of men, injuries had decreased, and unit morale had noticeably improved.

Then she was fired, just as the Corps worked to prove women couldn't shoot well enough, run fast enough or keep injuries low enough to serve in the infantry.

The Marines said she was "too abrasive" as she struggled against a "Mean Girls" climate in the military's only all-female training unit.

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