Third Platoon, C 1/26
Let him bear the palm who has won it
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Kelly Kennedy
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Note: This list is from June 2006.
Several of the soldiers moved in and
out of other platoons as they were

SPC Kevin Anderson
PV2 Omar Avila-Juarez
SPC Marvin Ayala
PV2 Chase Brown
SSG Juan Campos
PV2 Johnatan Castro
PFC Andrew Catterton
PV2 Chad Chalfant
PV2 Sean Cousino
PFC Lowell Cox
SSG Christopher Cunningham
PFC Naryan Curtis
SPC Terry Fleming
SGT Oscar Gonzalez
PFC Eduardo Gutierrez
PFC Nicholas Hartge
PFC Jonathan Hewett
PV2 Shane Hornbeck
PV2 Eric Kelly
SGT Shawn Ladue
SGT Robert Lambeth
PFC Steven Lull
PFC Chad Marsh
2LT Matthew Martinez
SPC Dequin Nickerson
SSG Octavio Nunez
PFC Carlos Perez
SGT Roger Phillips
PFC David Pidcock
SFC Widmark Quashie
PV2 Jorge Ramirez
SSG Jeremy Rausch
PFC Joshua Reyes
PFC Eduardo Rodriguez
SGT Nikolas Simon
PFC Justin Slater
PV2 Jarrod Taylor
PFC Matthew Yearwood