Second Platoon, C 1/26
Let him bear the palm who has won it
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Kelly Kennedy
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Several of the soldiers moved in and
out of other platoons as they were

PFC Daniel Agami
PV2 Timothy Armstrong
PV2 Rodger Arnold
SGT Jonathan Becker
SPC Stephen Breen
PFC Ron Brown
CPL Nicholas Cademartori
PFC Randale Charley
SPC Ruben Chavez
SPC Chad Darrah
CPL Billy Fielder
SPC Michael French
PFC Gabriel Garcia
PV2 James Gmachowski
SSG John Gregory
PV2 Albert Grose
PV2 Anthony Hebert
PV2 Ryan Hill
PV2 Thomas Leemhuis
PV2 Marcus Leslie
1LT Ryan Maravilla
PFC Ernesto Martin
PFC Ryan McCabe
PV2 David McIntosh
PV2 Stephen Mendes
SGT WillSun Mock
SPC Alphonso Montenegro
SSG Robert Morris
PV2 Tyler Norager
PV2 Raymond Powell
PV2 Jose Quinones Jr.
SSG Raja Richardson
PFC Henry Roches
PV2 Bradley Rylance
SSG Garth Sizemore
SGT Jose Villa Jr.
SGT Ryan Wood
SFC Tim Ybay