Headquarters Platoon,
C 1/26
Let him bear the palm who has won it
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Kelly Kennedy
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Note: This list is from June 2006.
Several of the soldiers moved in and
out of other platoons as they were

PFC Michael Alexander
PV2 Josua Almond
CPT Michael Baka (Replaced by CPT
Cecil Strickland)
SGT Bryan Barnhart
PV2 Kawika Bergau
CPT Curtis Brooker
PFC Armando Cardenas
CPL Oscar De Alba
PFC Gerry DeNardi
PFC Darreece Euring
SSG Yader Fletes
SGT Jerry Fuller
SGT Jeremiah Grubb
SGT Kevin Guenther
SGT Derek Halbasch
1SG Kenneth Hendrix
SGT Derrick Jorcke
SGT Kyle Kelly
PFC Kristopher Maxfield
CPL Francisco Mendez
SSG Michael Mullahy
SPC Joshua Noble
SSG Jesse Olivares
SPC Erik Osterman
SGT Aleksei Pavlov
SGT Edward Pelle Jr.
PFC James Reimers
SPC James Remillard
PV2 Gilberto Rojas
SGT Antonio Salazar
PFC Stephen Saracco
SSG Dana Smiledge II
PV2 Matthew St. Onge
SPC Miguel Villa
SPC Zachary Waddell
1LT Nathaniel Waggoner
PFC Matthew Wensink
SGT George White
PFC John Wingerd
PV2 Joshua Wright