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Kelly Kennedy
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First Platoon, C 1/26
Let him bear the palm who has won it
Note: This list is from June 2006.
Several of the soldiers moved in and
out of other platoons as they were

2LT Travis Atwood
PFC Steven Barnett
PV2 Brennan Beck
PV2 James Beda
PFC Michael Blair
PV2 Patrick Brown
SGT Lyle Buehler Jr.
SGT Ely Chagoya Jr.
SPC Tom Chaney
PFC Michal Cieslak
SSG Venicent Clinard
PFC Douglas Cook
SGT Patrick Cramer
PFC Alberto Garcia Jr.
SGT Mariano Gonzalez
SGT Rick Hamblin
PV2 Garren Hulett
PFC Samuel Kannegaard
PV2 Robert Lane
PV2 Edman Leavack
SGT James Lesco
PFC Ross McGinnis
PV2 Joshua Mitton
SPC Tony Mosher
SGT Ian Newland
PV2 Cory Raby
SGT Kevin Randolph
SGT Jacob Richardson
PV2 Iesmel Sanchez
SPC Edward Schmidt
PV2 David Taber
SFC Cedric Thomas
PV2 Raymond Thomas
PV2 Michael Vance
PV2 Branden Waugh
PV2 Jeffrey Whiteside
SSG Zachariah Williams